Anyone else having this problem with Redeeming the ‘free’ codes that come with their comics? 

Last week I ‘redeemed’ two codes (One for ‘All New X-Men’ and the other for ‘New Avengers’). I got the success page. 


but when I go to my collection they’re not there. I tried entering in the codes again but I get the ‘already redeemed’ message. I emailed Marvel but I haven’t heard anything yet. 

Today, I redeemed my code for ‘Superior Spider-Man’ and the same thing happened. It didn’t show up in my collection. 

Is there something wrong with my account? Is it Marvel? I’ve done this plenty of times before and never had this problem so I don’t think I’m suddenly doing it wrong. Anyone have any ideas?

UPDATE: 'Superior' showed up. Still no sign of 'All New X-Men' and 'New Avengers'